The 2017-2018 Team

Name: Emily

Nationality: Canada

Year: 3rd

Question: How do I Synthesize Safe Products?

Academic Interests:

Chemistry and Toxicology

Co-Curriculars: Science Communication and Feminism

About: I’m from Kamloops, BC, Canada which is north-east of Squamish in the interior part of British Columbia. This summer I spent my summer in Squamish and I am excited to share my experience within this great community. At Quest, I am the 2017-2018 Foundation Representative on the Students’ Representative Council and I am passionate about academics. When I am not in class, you can find me chatting with Quest’s amazing tutors, playing card games with my friends or enjoying some of the great craft beers brewed in Squamish.

Name: Chloe

Nationality: United States

Year: 2nd

Question: TBD

Academic Interests: Behavioural Ecology, Biodiversity, Sociology

Co-Curriculars: Swimming in cold rivers, drawing (mostly weird fish and coffee cups), drinking coffee in copious quantities, and napping in sunlight

About: I am a second year Quest student originally from Oakland California. I came to Quest sure that I wanted to study the humanities, but shifted my focus dramatically towards biology, after one science course had me falling in love with field science. My weird interests include coffee (from bean all the way to brew) and weird animal mating habits.

Name: Farid

Nationality: India

Year: 2nd

Question: TBD

Academic Interests: Science, physics, political science

Co-Curriculars: Climbing, Football

About: I am from India. I like to climb and play football. I want to do my own research in the future, hopefully in physics

Name: Marena

Nationality: United States

Year: 4th

Question: What Influences People to Thrive?

Academic Interests: Health, Public Health, Psychology and Anthropology

Co-Curriculars: Musician playing Saxophone and Violin, avid hiker and biker, fitness and sailing

About: I strive to be a global citizen, not only when I travel, but also in my everyday life. I enjoy people watching, jamming, boxing and making yummy food. I own a 21 foot wooden sailboat right outside of Seattle and have spent many hours sailing around the San Juan and Gulf Islands of Washington State and British Columbia. I love to good conversation and getting to know new people. Quest has helped me grow as an individual and as a student. I have learned how to be a contributing member of society and am excited to take these skills on to graduate school with me.

Name: Natasha

Nationality: Canada

Year: 1st

Question:  How does anxiety affect our relationship to others? (possibly)

Academic Interests: Social Sciences and Humanities

Co-Curriculars: Hiking, Skiing and Traveling

About: My name is Natasha and I am a first year student at Quest. I am originally from Nelson BC and I love trying new types of food and traveling. What drew me to Quest was the opportunity to take travel blocks and explore different countries! Also the fact that Quest campus is surrounded by amazing hikes and adventures. I am excited to meet the incoming students and help make their journey to Quest as smooth as possible by answering any questions.

Name: Matilda

Nationality: Canada

Year: 3rd

Question: How can an interdisciplinary understanding of biochemical processes improve medicine?

Academic Interests: Biochemistry, Chemistry, Virology, Immunology

Co-Curriculars: Student Environment Committee, going on adventures around Quest, Sailing, Kayaking

About: I am from Vancouver Island, British Columbia and love being on the beautiful west coast, but I also love to travel. I grew up exploring the beautiful rivers and inlets on the island and doing motorbike trips through Latin America. Now at Quest, I like to find a balance between studying and doing co-curricular events like making good food, reading, or having a good conversation. I plan on attending medical school or doing additional schooling in virology or immunology

Name: Vasilisa (Vasi)

Nationality: Russia

Year: 1st

Question: TBD

Academic Interests: Conflict Resolution, Communication, Psychology, International Relations

Co-Curriculars: Theatre, Ultimate Frisbee, Music

About: I like to say that I was born and raised in Russia (until I was 14), but matured (high school) in America. I love to talk about global perspectives and engage in cultural exchange. I also enjoy poetry and a nice cup of tea

Name: Leah

Year: 4th

Question: How does lifestyle (eating, physical activity, education), affect children’s health?

Academic Interests: Human Biology, Education, Exercise Physiology, Psychology

Co-Curriculars: Coaching gymnastics, Right to Play, skiing coaching gymnastics, and mountain biking

About: I am from Bragg Creek, just outside of Calgary, Alberta Canada.I enjoy spending time in the outdoors in the beautiful playground here in Squamish when I am not busy with homework or work. Before coming to Quest I was a rhythmic gymnast for 11 years on both a national and international level which has lead to me coaching at a recreation center in the town of Squamish. For my last year here at Quest I have created a bucket list of many iconic things I want to do such as camp at Garibaldi Lake, hike to Elfin lake, spend a block break in Victoria and hike the Chief during sunrise. What’s on your bucket list?

Name: Johannes

Nationality: Austria

Year: 3rd

Question: How do we distribute power in a multipolar system?

Academic Interests: International Relations, Security Studies, Economics, and History

Co-Curriculars: Student Representative Council, Skiing, Climbing, Hiking, Running

About: I am from Vienna, Austria and I am a thrird year st Quest. My greatest skills are that I am an extremely passionate person, who can get excited about anything as well as an avid debater and love to challenge my own points of view. Naturally, Quest was a perfect fit for me, since these things are encouraged and supported. This University was actually the only one I applied to because I believe so much in what we are achieving here, and am incredibly proud of it!

Name: Josie

Nationality: Canada

Year: 3rd

Question: How Should We Preserve Culture?

Academic Interests: Arts, Humanities, Social Science.

Co-Curriculars: Floor Representative and Student Representative Council Communications at Quest, Music, Photography.

About: My passions lie in trying out crafts I saw on the internet, playing with my camera and violin, making bagels and finding friends who I can share these pastimes with. I spend my time on campus climbing, playing rugby, dancing, and running from meeting to meeting

Name: Juliana

Nationality: Brazil/United States

Year: 1st

Question: TBD

Academic Interests: Language Learning, Cultural Studies, Politics, Geography

Co-Curriculars: Music, Language Learning

About: I am a Brazilian-American first year and I am passionate about languages, cultures, and traveling. I go back and forth between Brazil and the US, and Canada is the sixth country that I have lived in! I am so excited to be making a new home at Quest with other students from all around the world. I am hoping to pick up my fifth language during my time here. I am also pushing myself to become more comfortable being outside in the beautiful and sacred nature that our campus is situated on. I can often be seen walking around in gold sneakers, listening to trap music in different languages, and eating copious amounts of hot sauce.

Name: Ken

Nationality: Canada

Year: 2nd/3rd

Question: How can we have a healthy democracy?

Academic Interests: Political Science, Sociology, Psychology

Co-Curriculars: Comedy, Adventures, Community outreach, Spending hours making food

About: I go on adventures. I write sketches. I’m proud of the breakfast that I make. I’m so stoked to meet all the prospective students and learn more about them. I’m taking my time at Quest here figuring out where my passion lies and what I want to do with my life.

Name: Landon


Year: 2nd

Question: TBD

Academic Interests: Biology, Genetics

Co-Curriculars: Skiing, Hiking

About: I am a second year students and am currently soul searching to develop my question and to find out what I would like to do with my life. I am excited to continue to work with the admissions team to show more prospective students this remarkable place.

Name: Minouka

Nationality: Dutch, The Netherlands

Year: 1st

Question: TBD

Academic Interests: Journalism, Psychology, Mental Health, Human Rights, Human Geography and the Arts

Co-Curriculars: Outside of academics, I really like going on hikes (even though I come from a country where everything is flat and I still have to get used to the mountains), I love food and trying different types of it every now and then, I like to journal and write, I like going to the gym, to play soccer and other team sports, watch movies and read interesting books. I also love travelling, I have been to parts of Asia, plenty of places in Europe and went to South Africa last year. When I started travelling, I quickly noticed that I couldn’t get enough of it and I hope to do more of it.

Name: Natalie

Nationality: California, United States

Year: 1st

Question (proposed): How has society changed over time?

Academic Interests: History, Math

Co-Curriculars: Dance, Improv

About: I love various types of dancing and meeting new people! I also enjoy making pastries, petting dogs, and learning interesting facts. I’m from California and am excited to meet and talk to prospective students!

Name: Yin Xzi

Nationality: Malaysia

Year: 1st

Question: TBD

Academic Interests: English, Language, Literature, Arts, Psychology, Mental Health

Co-Curriculars: Volleyball, Writing Club, Garden Club, Ultimate Frisbee

About: I was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where I lived until the age of 5 which is when my family and I moved to Guangzhou, China. There, I attended the American International School of Guangzhou for 10 years before we moved back to Malaysia, where I attended IGB International School. I’m really passionate about passion, plants, and poetry