Working with Random Acts of Sketchiness

In a place like Squamish, one has an infinite and three ways to spend their time, after all this is the outdoor recreation capital of Canada and as such it attracts a myriad of enthusiasts of all kinds. As for myself personally, I’m not too good at adventure sports (back home it’s too hot for skiing and two crowded for biking), and yet I too have been able to keep myself well occupied in the creative realm.

This summer in particular I have been working with Caitlin Mooney-Fu, a Quest alum, and her co-worker Erica Sorensen, on their personal web-series project. This project is known as ‘ Random Acts of Sketchiness’ and is filmed in various locations in Squamish, covering a wide variety of humorous themes. In particular, they’ve filmed episodes that lampoon common aspects of society such as bacon, coffee, missing the bus and flatulence.

I’ve been super fortunate to star in some of these skits and contribute my input on some of their scripts. I first met the producer-duo as we sat down for smoothies and script ideas at Zephyr cafe, following which we mentally scouted for a location. This skit was satirizing coffee-snobs (we all know at least one) and so we eventually settled on a nearby cafe which allowed us to film in there following their closed hours.

Upon arriving at the location at the set time however, we were dismayed to find the cafe had unknowingly been booked by another organization and so we were forced to improvise. Jesse, the teams talented cameraman, invited us back to his place where we re-arranged his porch to make a very Vancouver-esuqe hipster coffee shop. The filming was now ready to begin.  After a long afternoon and multiple takes of a shot (it was easy to mess up shots because we kept laughing) we finally had a hilarious video of coffee snobs trying to comically out-do one another.

The next sketch we did we was about missing the bus continually, and so it involved many shots of me running after a moving bus. We were initially worried that it would be hard to find a bus driver that would allow us to film, let alone cooperate with, their movements. However, we were pleasantly surprised when a nearby bus driver enthusiastically welcomed us to film, run after and interact with his bus on camera.

The set-up of the shot was interesting too, as I ran after the bus, Jesse skateboarded (camera in hand) besides me and Erica across the street shot a front view of the episode. The bus driver was so into the shot, he even teased my desperate character by slowing down in reach of me and then speeding up suddenly. In one shot, I had to run after the bus across the street and around a corner; upon seeing me running so one driver even stopped besides me and offered his condolences for missing my bus and offered me advice on how to get where I need to go/how to catch the next bus! Finding this hilarious secretly, I played along and thanked him before jogging back to the filming location.


The founders of the show brainstorm the subtle nuances of fart humour

Currently we are working on a script for a sketch regarding flatulence at the dinner table. I won’t give away much as that might spoil the show, but I will say that while we were working on it we were breaking out into splits of laughter at how witty it was regarding an otherwise immature and slapstick form of humour. All in all, I think this one too will be a tonne of fun to film.


This is what the script for the latest sketch looks like this far.

You can check out more work from Random Acts of Sketchiness here!



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