A Californian Winter Adventure

A few block breaks ago I discovered that I could drive to the USA in less than 4 hours from Quest. What was a super fun experience for my entertainment and adventurous side was not such a great experience for my wallet. But that’s okay…it was worth it. My first adventure was going to Seattle with one of my best friends Poema, another student ambassador. She blogged about it already so I will blog about my most recent adventure from this winter break.

Me and Mr. Snowman

I have two cousins who live in California and since we cannot stay on campus during winter break I decided to go on an adventure and try and make a surprise visit to them. It was a long drive to get to California but I finally made it. They were not expecting me so it was a lovey surprise. While there I also decided to go to Universal Studios. I had only been there once before when I was 8, so I didn’t remember much.

Me and the Universal Studios Sign.

I got the tickets as a Christmas present so my wallet was really happy about this part of the journey. The morning I was supposed to go it was pouring rain. I was really disappointed and thought the day would be ruined due to the weather. Luckily most of the ride were inside so I still had a great time. Plus, there were no line so I was able to go to most rides in only 3 hours!


Even though I am 20 years old the Despicable Me ride was one of my favorites. It looked just like movie and I felt like a super impressed/extremely excited 6 years old. I also went on the Simpsons ride and a Shrek 4-D movie. I also got to see Sponge Bob, so that was fun. I was impressed I could just go on long-ish car ride from Quest and be close to my family while having fun at the same time. Also there was a rainbow…


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