Travelling to Argentina on the block plan

Thanks to the flexibility of the block plan, I was able to take March block off to travel to Argentina. My mom grew up in Argentina, and my entire family lives in Rosario, a city 4-hours away from the Buenos Aires (Argentina’s capital city). My initial idea was to do my language credit while I was there, but it turned out that the university of Rosario only offers classes in May and June.

The last time I visited was three years ago – the year that I graduated high school. When I was younger I would visit every year, but my schedules in high school made it difficult for me to simply leave for a month, missing classes, work, and other commitments. A lot has changed since then. My cousins are all finishing university, working, and moving into their own apartments. Two of them have kids, another one is married. And as my grandmother and great aunt are get older, my mom decided that we had to visit sooner than later. As I am committed to a summer job, and didn’t want to miss all of the festivities that occur during April block, we figured that March would be a good time to go.


We left the morning after classes ended in February. Packing was rushed, and I was still distressing from my class, but the anticipation to see my family kept me going with good spirits. We flew into Buenos Aires, and took the four-hour combie (a shuttle) to Rosario. My uncle greeted us when we arrived to stay in his apartment, and my aunt and grandma came over to eat dinner – pizza a la parilla (similar to a barbecue) and sandwiches de miga (made with thin miga bread – my favorite!). This was the beginning of a month visiting family and eating good food.

Sandwiches de miga
Sandwiches de miga

One week was spent road-tripping to the North of Argentina with my mom and uncle. Each day displayed magnificent scenery that was distinct with each place that we visited. There were lush green mountains and hills with wild llamas and horses. There was desert with cactuses, or no vegetation at all. And every dinner included the wine from the region.


Because I was not in a class I did not have to worry about projects, essays or readings. There is no way that I would have been able to take a break in a regular university. I am lucky to have transfer credits to supplement taking the block off. However, I could have also taken a summer class to make up the block. AHH THE BEAUTY OF THE BLOCK PLAN.


Salinas Grandes (Salt desert)

Argentina DSC_0924 DSC_0972 DSC_0997 DSC_1002  DSC_1186 DSC_1469


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