Quest birthdays

I understand that people have birthdays on every day of the year, many on the same day. After all, there are 7 billion people on Earth, all with birthdays. What I found most remarkable is the amount of birthdays at Quest. Each week since my arrival at Quest this school year I have attended at least two birthday parties per week.

Quest is known for its close, thriving community. It is not rare for surprise parties, singing in the cafeteria, or going out to dinner for someone’s birthday.

The day before school started was my roommate’s birthday. We had planned to go out to the Brew Pub, a local bar and grill, but ended up having friends over for cake and tea. The first Friday of the block consisted of a potluck which was a combination of a floor event and birthday gathering.

The second Friday of block consisted of two parties. A friend’s roommate organized a surprise party complete with cake and party hats for a friend who was stuck writing a paper. She was so touched she almost cried!


We also went out to Sushi Sen for my neighbor, Daniel.’s, birthday. Daniel has previously blogged about meeting first years, and invited some that gave me a chance to meet new people.

In sum, it is incredible how close you can get to people in one school year. The people that I have met at Quest have become some of my closest friends, and it only feels right to celebrate them on their birthday!

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