Quest Residence Buildings

Quest students have 7 residence buildings on campus to choose from:

Red Tusk (built for last September) and Ossa (being built currently for next September) hold almost all the single rooms on campus. Each floor has two common kitchens (one set-up dining style and the other more casual) and a study room. The rooms are individual beds and sinks with a common toilet and shower between two rooms (instead of a typical dorm with one common bathroom). There is also a communal laundry room.

Red tusk front
Red Tusk Single Residence Building
Red Tusk Single Bedroom
Red Tusk Single Bedroom
Red Tusk Lounge/Common Space
Red Tusk Lounge/Common Space

Red Tusk residence contains an Arts Bay and Recording Studio. Ossa will contain other public spaces, including the SRC (student representative council) office and a dance studio.

North/South Village are almost identical buildings that hold the majority of first years. They are condo-style apartments with two bedrooms (for two people each sharing a bathroom) attached to a living room area with a kitchenette (mini fridge, microwave, quite a bit of counter space/ shelves).  There is also a balcony attached to each bedroom. (The prime real-estate in my opinion is in South facing south, because this provides a view of the beautiful forest). These residences have a shared laundry room and garage and one common kitchen per residence (as opposed to the two common kitchens on each floor of Red Tusk).

first year residence

These rooms hold a mix of years, but first years must live in either one of those four residences. (With some exceptions typically based on age -older students may choose to live in one of the other residences).

North and South Village Residence room
North and South Village Residence Common Room

Each floor in the Villages and in Red Tusk/Ossa have a “floor theme.” These range anywhere from Active Living to Global Engagement (and even a self-declared Ninjas!) The floor reps (sort of like RAs at other universities, except more focused on community building and without the same intensive disciplinary role) promote this theme on their floor through the events they run.

Riverside and Swiftcreek residences are shared between 4-8 people who rent out the apartment, splitting the cost between themselves as they wish. This allows for a lot more freedom and responsibility. Each condo has its own laundry room and full kitchen (stove/oven and full fridge).

The Loft is a unique opportunity for up to 8 students. It is huge and even has a fireplace! (In fact two, because there is one in the living room and one on the balcony).

To see more pictures of the Residence buildings on campus,  check out the Quest Flickr Page:

For more information, check out the Quest University Canada website:

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