When I was giving a campus tour recently, I was asked what students normally do on weekends. The question inspired me to write this blog post.

My situation is a little unusual, because many weekends I go back to Vancouver (where I lived for 18 years before coming to Quest) to train at my wushu (martial arts) club. Many other students, however, choose to go the opposite direction, up to Whistler to ski or snowboard. I’d eventually like to get into skiing as well, but this year I did not buy a pass (discounted for Quest students to $500), given that I have not wanted to spend money on purchasing my own skis yet. The trek to Vancouver (discounted bus tickets for Quest students to $8) is quite a bit more affordable. Yet, I can’t go to Vancouver every weekend, so I do end up spending some weekends on campus.

Not being into skiing/snowboarding originally made me dislike hanging around on weekends. However, I’ve now discovered that one can find things to do on the weekend without going off campus. For example, last weekend, the Quest basketball teams were playing home games both Friday night and Saturday afternoon, and these games are a lot of fun to watch. And Quest usually has some kind of event organized as well. Last Saturday night I attended the first event of the Quest Arts series, a jazz concert performed by one of our tutor’s quintet. It was a great performance, and the band performed a variety of pieces, while also giving interesting and informative introductions to each.


Sundays are usually spent doing homework. Though, last weekend, in my class we were assigned a lab report to complete over the weekend, so I along with four others chose to spend about five hours after our class on Friday completing it. Normally, if I’m finished my homework by Sunday, or really any weekday, I like to go to the gym or exercise with my roommates in our room.

Unlike many other universities that are located in the middle of a big city, Quest can feel quite isolated, especially on the weekend. Students can’t simply walk into town, or easily attend any number of events that might be happening in the surrounding city. It means that students need to get more creative in organizing events on campus, and that can only be a good thing. I think there is still more that can be done in terms of organizing weekend, on-campus events, and better transport off campus, but that’s all part of what it makes it unique and fun to be at Quest.

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