Helping others

I wanted to take time off from my studies to, not only grow as a person, but to travel and appreciate other cultures. That desire has led me to India.

India is very well known for its poverty and lack of resources available to its citizens but what astonishes me is how caring everyone is here. For example, I fell off my motorcycle the other day and a handful of strangers came running with bandaids and water to see if I was okay. I’ve never met these people before and I have no idea if I will again but the fact that a society engulfed in poverty offered to lend a hand to someone they saw in trouble touches my heart. It not only makes me reflect on how I view others but also on how I should carry myself as a person.

Later that day I went to a camp that had one goal, which was to help others. It provided individuals with the option of getting their eyesight checked, getting a pair of glasses and or eye surgery in some cases, all at no cost. What was cool is that a local optometrist in the village of Mehron reached out to those who aren’t fortunate enough to pay medical bills. He raised millions of dollars and held this camp. It was open to any and everyone that wished to receive medical help for their eyes. I was honestly blown away at how many people were given such a great gift at no cost.

I’m beyond glad that I took some time off of school for myself because if I had not, I wouldn’t have witnessed the kindness of humanity.

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