Return to Quest

It’s been a week now since being back at Quest. I have spent the past week immersed in French, but before I forget I wanted to share some of the events that happened in the weekend of returning.

I was lucky enough to get to  return to campus early to help out with the 20 incoming students and 7 exchange students who started this January.

Le premiere soir I joined them having dessert in one of the residence advisors condos.

The next morning I joined them for breakfast and then dinner at a Thai restaurant in Squamish (which I had surprisingly never been to).

I enjoyed plenty of good food and conversations. As with any incoming group, the students were interesting and engaging.

This is the first year that we have had enough students coming in January to run a Cornerstone.


We also had a welcome back open to the community (via the student Facebook page).


The following day I did some homework for my upcoming French class and caught-up with my advisor (by spotting him in his office by chance as I was passing by and so bombarding him with my new thoughts on my question and catching up on our holiday adventures).

My condomates and I decided to go skating as we were picking up my roommate in Squamish anyway.


One of my condomates has a hidden talent: 

And finally I have a computer – to borrow. Over Christmas break I had to bring mine to Future Shop to be serviced. They have yet to return it, but luckily the school has computers that they lend-out. While not the best quality, it is nice that I have a portable typing device I can take with me.


And now with the first weekend (and week) back at Quest done and gone, it feels like we never left.

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