Ma classe de francais

Je suis dans ma premiere classe de langue a l’universite de  Quest.

(I am in my first language class at Quest University)

Pardon mon francais. Je suis dans la premiere classe de francais.

(Pardon my french. I am in french 1.)

La classe est immersion pour les trois heurs dans la salle de classe.

(The class is immersion for the three hours in the classroom.)

J’ai commence a ecrire mes text messages avec mes amis en francais!

(I have started to write my text messages to my friends in french!)

Learning a language is an intensive process that is difficult enough on it’s own. Learning a language in 3.5 weeks is practically impossible -so we do what we can.

This class is for beginners -people who have either no previous exposure to French or were exposed so long ago or so inefficiently that they cannot remember. (I personally had six ans de classe de francais (six years of French class), from 4th grade until 10th, but was not taught at a level that would suffice for university and therefore am starting fresh!)

We have “language diagnostics” at Quest so that we do not have language classes that are a mix of people who are fluent and have never heard (let alone spoken) the language.

We started our week with rencontrer (to meet). We memorized (and performed) a simple dialogue:



We then moved through family (and created our “famille ideale” in groups)





We’ve also covered adjectives, negation, some objects in your bedroom and classroom and rules for regular “er” verbs.


I decided before class started that I wanted to take my habit of listening to music almost constantly to good use and found multitudes of amazing french music (parce que de “Facebook” merci beaucoup).


Our class also was assigned a movie to watch called “Amelie” en Francais (avec subtitles). It is one of the best movies I’ve ever seen!


I’m so excited to see what else French brings to me. So far I’ve gained incredible music, movies, and insight into myself. Once I started learning another language I started thinking much more about mine. I noticed all the phrases I consistently say (in english) because I now had to translate them into french. For example, I say “I think” (je pense) “I have to go” (j’ai besoin de aller) and “perfect” (parfait) every day, multiple times a day.

Au revoir. A bientot!

(Aussi (also), please excuse my lack of accents sur les mots (on the words). My computer does not allow me to put in accents!)

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