After a few months, I can safely say Quest did an amazing job at selecting the 4 best people to live together. I still don’t know what was in common between our residence applications but something definitely clicks.

I know when I was thinking about university, one thing that made me really nervous was the possibility that I would live one of those roommate horror stories. At most of the schools I was applying to I would be paired with one other person, but Quest does it differently. In a condo with three other girls I figured a lot more could go wrong. BUT this is not the case! In fact it turns out that the old saying is true: the more the merrier.

As soon as August rolled around I started getting super excited to find out who my roommates would be. I remember refreshing the Quest-mail page and hoping every time that this would be the day I would find out who I would be sharing my 1st year at Quest with. Finally after a particularly frantic string of refreshes I received an email that said I would be with Sabina, Holly, and Sarah. Hooray! I was excited, but I didn’t quite know what I was in for.


After some tentative correspondence throughout the summer (sorting out who was bring the kettle, etc.) I was still unsure. On move-in day, my heart quickened as I neared the door to my new condo. After some polite greetings, we all sat down to draft our condo agreement – basically laying down some ground rules and expectations. Through non-stop laughter we quickly decided that it was going to be a good year.


Now, every day I know I can come home to laughter and love. We’ve created a pretty solid little family and no matter how tough the day is or how rainy the weather, we’ve got each other’s backs. Whether that means cranking up the music and having a dance party or curling up on the couch and venting about life.


Thank you Quest, for placing me with three of the most wonderful women I have ever met.

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  1. Jon Farmer - 4th Year Quest Student

    I really appreciate this post; it reminds me of the community I’m so excited to get back to and affirms that it’s knit as strong as ever. Thank you.

  2. Lila 1st Year

    Ah I’m glad! From what I’ve heard the community seems to be changing but the sense of community and support is still very strong.

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