Homework -Quest Style

Classes at Quest are weird. And that is an understatement. My first class of second year at Quest is like all others; a little strange.

It’s also amazing and mind-blowing, and perspective changing. In fact it’s called Identity & Perspective and in it we learn a little about ourselves, a little about society, and a lot about life.

We have to read 10 books for this class in September ranging from a 300-sentence “autobiography” (-read “found poem”- composed of 300 different lines from 300 different autobiographies) to a 200+ page novel called Art & Lies that has more intense imagery than a movie.

Our book of the last two days is called The Night Country and it is about foraging in the dark (literally and metaphorically) to discover and reflect on what becomes illuminated when the lights turn off.



Our assignment for the night was to go to the “Night Country,” find something that belongs there, and either bring it back or return with a story.

This unusual assignment turned into something more when the next day the adventures of students included reflecting on loss, thought experiments among friends, and cougar sightings in the woods.

While this does not tie into the typical “twice as many hours of homework as class” concept, I much prefer having assignments of reflection and deep-thinking -even if they do last the entire day and hurt my brain.

If there’s something you should know about Quest classes and the “homework-load,” definitely know it will hurt your brain. Also, expect the unexpected.

You never know what you’ll find when you turn out the lights.

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