My First European Tour

I think I need to make a confession: this is my first time living abroad. 23 years old and entering my final year of undergraduate studies at Quest University Canada, an exchange semester at Amsterdam University College is better late than never eh?

I got to Amsterdam two weeks ago and immediately met good people. My flight arrived too late for me to pick up my keys from the student housing authority but a kindly second year student mentor on the incoming Facebook page offered me a place to stay. It turned out that she and a group of friends also organize an annual independent festival in a park right beside campus. I guess I gave myself away as a musician when I told her that the third thing on my to do list was to find a guitar. She had one to lend me and also offered me a performance slot at their festival this past weekend. The organizers carted out several tents, a generator, and a sound system to the middle of the park and we spent the night listening to live music, DJ sets, watching a young group of parkour enthusiasts run freely, and staying warm beside a bonfire. Not bad for a first European gig.

When I first arrived I was worried that I wouldn’t find like minded people. I’m not worried about that anymore.

I’m here for 5 months and promise to post regularly about my travels, adventures, and maybe even classes. Stay tuned.


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