What's Your Blood Type?


Here at Quest we are often given the chance to take science classes during the first two foundation years. Currently i am in a class called Genetics and Society. In this class we have learned a lot about genetics and molecular biology. On Monday we got to go down to the lab to figure out what type of blood we have. This was a fairly simple lab, we got our fingers pricked and put a drop of blood onto each section of the card. Section anti A contained anti A antibodies that would attack the blood if the A antigen was present (type A blood). This is called agglutination and can be recognized by the blood falling apart into little dots instead of one big cluster. This lab was really cool because of all the real world implications it has. Knowing ones blood type is important because one can only receive certain blood types based on what antigens are present in the blood. Overall it was a really fun lab and i look forward to the last week of class before block break!

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