Quest dominates the NSSE!

Well, we did it again! Quest has made it to the top of the ladder in student-faculty interaction, enriching educational experience, supportive campus environment, level of academic challenge, and active and collaborative learning. This ranking is compared to ALL Canadian universities big and small. Maclean’s has been a driving force in putting Quest on the academic map and quantifying student engagement. Have a look for yourself:

How well do Canadian universities follow best practices?

The National Survey of Student Engagement isn’t the only reason I’m proud to attend this remarkable pioneering university, but it sure helps reaffirm my belief in the school. I spoke with my psychology professor yesterday and asked if she really thought, from a psychological perspective, that the block plan and this method of learning was superior to other universities. She said that in her years of teaching she has never seen more successful students. The block plan allows us to integrate what we learn and make connections between all other interdisciplinary courses. In no other school do you have such varied perspectives in a class because students are free to explore whatever interests them (and believe me, students’ Questions are extremely obscure and very unique).

Quest challenges, engages, but most of all, integrates students. Congratulations! 🙂

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