A new (old) home!

I have spent four years of my life at Quest. Graduation was bittersweet because I  reached one of my goals, but I also left a place that had become home away from home. I left Kosova, my home, when I was young, and ever since I crave a family atmosphere. Quest satisfied this craving because I absolutely fell in love with the place and the wonderful people that I was constantly surrounded by. So you can imagine my excitement when I was able to join the Quest Admissions team. After a few months of being away from this place, I came back.I was happy, but also nervous. I was coming back to my home, but in a different role. I wondered how different that would be and whether I would still get the same sense of belonging.

I was nicely surprised to find out that the staff and faculty at Quest have also created a loving community. My first day at Quest (as an employee) I attended a staff meeting. At the end of the meeting David announced that it was time for “Good of the Group”. I used to think that this activity only happened during community updates, but I was mistaken. My third day here, I came into my office to find the rainbow note that you see here. My second week here, while I was intensely trying to learn new procedures, someone slipped into my cubicle and left a bar of chocolate. Chocolate is nice, but this chocolate was amazing (It is called “I will survive” and a percentage of the profits go toward organizations that help educate women around the world). Not did I only enjoy the taste of it, I also loved the cause that it supported. And to top it all off, it had a quote inside, and I LOVE QUOTES.


I now know that the Quest community will never cease to offer a sense of home. In fact, when I came back to Quest I felt the same way that I feel when I return Kosova after not being there for a while. As long as I continue to move between Kosova and Quest, I will always be home!

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