Winter Break on the Beaches

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While winter break should be all about relaxing after the strenuous and rewarding Fall semester, myself and some other Quest friends couldn’t help but find an adventure before classes started up again yesterday.

After spending time at home with our families all over North America, we reconvened in Tofino, on Vancouver Island. Tofino is one of the many great outdoor wonders less than a days trip from the Quest campus. It’s a favorite surf spot of one of the most popular clubs on campus, the Adventure Club. While the Pacific Ocean in January doesn’t appeal to everyone, a lot of us Quest students feel most at home in a wetsuit, being pummeled by ice-cold waves. So with our hankering to enjoy the outdoors, and some of the season’s best waves expected for the week before class, we packed up our surfboards and took the ferry across to the island for a holiday gift to ourselves.


(Photo Credit: Darwyn Moffatt-Mallett)

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