Slacklining at Quest

Andrea Slacklining

Ever since I came to Quest last year slack lining has been a fairly big part of my life and definitely something I am passionate about. At the beginning of the previous year two students showed me how to do it in the 3rd floor library and after a few failed attempts I managed to walk across. After that, I was hooked, the balance and mental concentration slack lining takes makes it into a physical and mental workout. I wanted to help inspire other people to start slack lining as well because it is tough to do without any initial instruction. This gave me the idea to lead a slack lining class on community day (a day off from class where students do workshops like this). I set up two lines the night before and the next day 20 students showed up to start slack lining. The class was a great success, everyone got to walk on the line at least a few steps and the improvement some people showed in only one hour was incredible. The slack lines were left up there after the class ended and since then I’ve seen many students using them and getting better. Having a passion is great, but sharing it with others gives it even more meaning.


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