Student Organized Clubs at Quest

So now that the Fall Semester is in full swing, the clubs here at Quest have now gone through the ratification process and have been made official! You may be wondering what the ratification process is and don’t worry it is not some weird initiation ritual. Basically every club that wants to receive funding from the Student Representative Council (SRC) must provide documentation outlining their purpose and the activities they are intending to do for the year. Once they go through this process they can receive funding for various events and activities.

For example, in the past, the Adventure Club has organized various outdoor trips, usually over block break, for students to get involved with. The Adventure Club receives funding from the SRC to help subsidize the costs of the trip such as transportation or accommodations. Other examples are art supplies for the Arts Club or new camera equipment for the Photography Club.

This year we have 24 official clubs on campus, with some pretty interesting and unique ones! Some of the clubs include, the Community Craft Club, Lego Club, Quest Stewardship Society, Model United Nations, Right to Play Club, Theater Club and Blues Dancing Club. It is exciting to see so many various passions on campus and that students are wanting to share those passions with others! If you are interested in what other clubs are here on campus or would like to contact any of the leaders of these clubs, please email me at and I can put you in contact with them!

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