A Trip South – A Journey from Alaska to Argentina

Below is the first video (of many to come) from a trip conceived several years ago, however unlike most trips conceived of, this trip has become a reality. Kanaan Bausler (Quest Graduate of 2011 and co-founder of the Adventure Club) and a group of friends left Juneau, Alaska in June of 2012 to begin the long journey by kayak and bike to Argentina. Their trip is sure to be full of adventure and good times, but there is also a more thoughtful side to the expedition as well.

The Trip South team will be conducting interviews with different individuals along their journey in order to gain a better understanding of the connection between place and community. The first short video that they have released focuses on the small community of Hartley Bay. When speaking with locals, the team was surprised to hear less about the strength of their community, but more about how the introduction of the Northern Gateway pipeline is tearing apart their community. For more information about their expedition, please visit their website, A Trip South.

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