Richard, Celeta, and the Sushi Dinner

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I love sushi. I love it. I picked my apartment in Squamish largely based on the fact that I can see how busy Sushi Sen is from my balcony.

So you better believe I spent the large part of the flight over here thinking about all the sushi I would consume. Last night, in a slightly belated celebration of my birthday, Richard Hoshino and I went out for sushi.

Richard is one of the newest members of our Quest faculty, and he is an incredible mathematician and selector of sushi restaurants. He is currently involved in redesigning the travel schedule for Japan’s major league baseball teams using graph theory. He’s saving them over a million dollars in travel, reducing their carbon emissions, and solving challenging scheduling problems in a way that has never been done before. I’m so lucky he’s in Japan right now and can join me on some of my school visits!

I’m also quite fortunate to have someone to celebrate my birthday with internationally. Richard took me to an amazing little sushi restaurant on the 59th floor of a building in the Ikebukuro section of Tokyo. The view was amazing:

And Tokyo didn’t look to shabby either:

It was a wonderful way to end off our afternoon spent visiting schools, and it was an even better way to start off my 24th year.

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