Welcome new students!

 Please watch Quest’s Welcome video! Our tech-savvy students created it to welcome all the first years. What an amazing experience to help the incoming students move in during orientation! The joy and excitement on everyone’s faces (parents, siblings, and students alike) was enough to make me wish I was back in first year. There is so much hopefulness, potential, and newly generated Quest spirit because all these eager students share a powerful bond; the bond of being a part of the best university in Canada (Maclean’s University rankings seem to think so as well)! It was inspiring to see so many upper-year students carting suitcases, boxes of food, and bedding up the stairs to all the dorms as well! It is extremely difficult to be living away from home for the first time (for most), but the transition is significantly easier when there are friendly faces around to welcome you. My first memory of moving in consisted of a fourth year student welcoming me with a hug, grabbing my guitar, and ushering me to my room, all the while striking up conversation about the various music groups on campus in which I could get involved.

One of the reasons I adore working for admissions is because I am able to get to know students far before they arrive and I can become a student mentor to the incoming students. The types of students that are attracted to Quest are adventurous, they think outside of the norm, and they understand that the more energy they give to the school the more they can reap from it. I am having such a great time getting to know the first year students and becoming excited with the thought of all the new perspectives they have to offer.

Soon the first year students will be experiencing their first class on the block plan, Cornerstone. This course will facilitate and encourage leadership, learning to write a good university paper, understanding the role nature plays in one’s life, and, above all, creating bonds with classmates that will endure far after graduation. On this note, students are thriving in residence as well. Roommate relationships are integral to shaping one’s experience in university. My first-year roommate is still one of my best friends after 3 years! The assignment of roommates is not random like in other universities, I assure you. Each student profile is read thoroughly and carefully matched in order to ensure compatible results. Roommates are matched by verifying specific interests, previous living situations, living habits, food preferences, among other criteria. They sure take the time to get to know everyone here!

I am very much looking forward to seeing what all the incoming students have to offer, the clubs they create, the music they make, and the adventures they have!

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