Pacific West Coast Summer!

This summer was my first summer actually spent in Squamish and I must say I cannot get enough of the West Coast summer lifestyle! All four years that I attended school here at Quest, I chose to return home to the Okanagan to work and play over the summer.

However, this year working in Admissions, I am living in Squamish ALL SUMMER LONG! So far this summer my favorite things have been, hiking the Chief (multiple times), picking buckets full of wild raspberries and blackberries and swimming in the cool, yet refreshing, mountain lakes.

Squamish has been busy all summer with tourists visiting and exploring and it’s always a good feeling to know people are travelling from all over to world just play play in your backyard!

I am super excited for the incoming class to arrive next week so they can start playing in Squamish’s beautiful backyard as well!

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