A Day on Horseback

Wednesday started like any other day in the office with checking emails, a quick meeting, and more checking emails, but Wednesday ended with a lunch by the Mamquam River, a gallop through the BC rainforest, and a murder in Margaritaville (stay tuned for a different post about the murder… oh the suspense!).

To help welcome the new admissions staff (Brittany and I),  the admissions team bolted from the office at noon and headed out to the Sea to Sky Stables in the Squamish Valley. The last time that I had been spent more than a few minutes with a horse, I was 6 years old, so when our guide asked if anyone was nervous, my hand shot up (jumping out of a plane is one thing, but horseback riding… look what happened to Superman!). Once I was identified as the nervous one, I was introduced to Bobbi, the draft horse.

As I approached Bobbi, she looked at me with judgement in her eye. Having grown up in Alaska and taught never to show weakness to predatory animals such as bears, I made sure to meet Bobbi’s gaze with strength and determination. After a moment, it seemed that we had reached a mutual understanding. Bobbi would carry me for the next 2 hours and I would let her eat whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted it.

The ride took us along train tracks, through moss covered forests, and on the banks of the Cheekeye River. It was beautiful to say the least. Mostly, we traveled at a casual pace. For more photos visit http://bit.ly/OFvx73.

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