Call me Ishmael

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I travel around Canada all throughout the fall and spring, so when the opportunity arises to spend some time outside of the country, I’m always ready to bust out the passport.
Spencer and I decided to make the trip up to visit the family for the 4th, and I thought I’d share some photos since this is the FIRST year Quest hasn’t had an incoming student from Alaska, so someone needs to represent the 907.

First off, has anyone been out crabbing? Even though I was in Alaska all last summer (doing this amazing internship with Discovery Southeast) this was my first time chucking pots.

We didn’t strike gold, but no one is going to complain about a small helping of fresh crab, especially with views like this:

Incredible, right?! I grew up in rural Southeastern Ontario, and can safely say I do not hang out with sea lions in front of glaciers on the regular.

Of course our trip contained a lot of time on land, and consuming salmon, but I don’t think you want to see pictures of me devouring fish. It’s basically like this, but I’m in front of a BBQ not a waterfall:

photo courtesy of

So no pictures of me eating salmon. Pictures of me dressed as a salmon? No problem.

Yes, that is a beaver on Spencer’s head. He ALWAYS gets the best costumes.

As I casually mentioned before, I spent the previous summer working as an Alaskan Conservation Foundation Intern at Discovery Southeast. What I forgot to mention is that they have a float in the Juneau 4th of July parade where campers and staff alike dress up as a variety of different species. I had some hesitation going as a salmon, as I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to spawn and die once the parade was over, but I made it out alive quite contrary to the evolution of my species.

That about sums up our trip. Lots of family, whales, salmon and BBQs. If anyone has any Alaskan adventure stories, let me know, I’m always down to share the AKlove.

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