Arts At Quest

Being a university student is sometimes difficult in ways that we would not necessarily expect. For myself and many other students at Quest, balancing our artistic activities and our academics is a dance that generally lands on the side of … Continued

How to start a student radio without really trying….

Alright, so, that title isn’t entirely truthful… I actually tried really really hard and did a lot of work over the past 5 months. These past several months I have been working on starting a campus student radio station. A … Continued

Olympic Spirit at Quest

Every four years I look forward to the winter Olympics. Every time the olympics came around my family would always have the TV on, supporting the Canadian Olympians. Vancouver 2010 Olympics were especially exciting because I am from Vancouver and … Continued

Trip to Vancouver

This post is long overdue…. A friend, Issac, and I went on a day trip to Vancouver last block break. We decided that we would just go down and spend a day exploring. With Camera in hand and some spending … Continued

Ice Skating in Robson Square

When I was only five years old, I could spend hours in front of the TV watching  ice skaters perform fantastic routines on the rink. The way they moved on ice and the way girls’ dresses flowed in the air … Continued

Beautiful British Columbia – Let the recruiting begin!

Once again, the campus is buzzing with student life. It’s definitely a bit strange to be on “the other side” as I watch students deeply entrenched in discussions over their new home, new friends, and (as I remember it) seemingly … Continued