Renew Your Quest

At the end of June, I wrote a blog post about an article written by the award-winning freelance writer, Heather Greenwood Davis. The article named “Infinite Possibilities,” was published in the Canadian Living Magazine, in which Heather gave us her … Continued

Elite Athlete Program at Quest University Canada

Quest University Canada attracts students from all over the world, mainly because of its unique block program, small class size, and location. The 60-acre campus is located on the edge of Garibaldi Provincial Park, and is surrounded by numerous lakes, … Continued

Quest Roommate Survey

  Living on campus is an essential part of the Quest experience. Thus, most of the students live on campus the whole four years of the undergraduate degree. This allows us to know each other better, meet anytime for group … Continued

Rugby Tackles!

Today the Quest boys rugby team played their first game against a local team from Squamish! After their first game, several girls joined for a co-ed skirmish. The Tackle! Watching people get tackled was a great study break. Who is … Continued

5 Things to Do as a Broke Student

I’m broke. I think most university students, at least in North America, can relate to this. Not wanting to take any more money from my (also broke) parents and feeling kind of liberated by my lack of monetary possession, I’ve … Continued

Student artwork: Justine Satoria

Second year student Justine Satoria has been a great advocate for the arts community on campus over the last two years.  In her first year, Justine organized consistent Life Drawing workshops and other forms of art over the year (I … Continued