Then and Now 2012-2013

My computer (avec tout mes photos and blog ideas) is still not with me (je suis desolee). Instead of waiting until Future Shop finally sends me mon ordinateur I’ve decided to go through my Facebook and look through my pictures … Continued

Experiential learning: Permaculture education in Africa

Third year student Julian Grant designed his own experiential block, got it approved and set off to Africa roughly 3 months ago. He returned a few weeks ago and I had a chance to sit and talk with him about … Continued

The Twelve Things Of Awesome Part 1

Seeing as we have reached the halfway point in January, I figured it would be a great time to reflect on some of the things I did last semester… SO HERE IS THE FIRST HALF OF MY TWELVE THINGS OF … Continued


This time last year, I was finalizing my Quest application. I would spend many hours searching the internet for Quest pictures and videos. The beauty of the mountains around campus, and the amazing words everyone had to say about Quest … Continued

“How are Quest students better prepared for the 21st century?” asks American RadioWorks

“How are Quest students better prepared for the 21st century?” asks American RadioWorks President David Helfand explains what’s different about Quest University Canada on a recent American RadioWorks podcast. On the show, host Stephen Smith asks important questions like, What … Continued

Quest student preps for 2014 Olympics

In her #WeAreWinter Team Canada mini documentary, international freestyle skiing halfpipe star Roz Groenewoud invites Canada to join her on a journey to Sochi 2014. See Roz in her backyard in Squamish, BC — and you can even see one … Continued

Ice Skating in Robson Square

When I was only five years old, I could spend hours in front of the TV watching  ice skaters perform fantastic routines on the rink. The way they moved on ice and the way girls’ dresses flowed in the air … Continued