Tips on “How to survive at Quest”

By Minouka – 1st year student My name is Minouka and I am a first year student at Quest. Whilst coming up with ideas for a blog post, I thought it would be a good idea to tell you a … Continued

So Many Variables

Sometimes you are in a class that is really easy to talk about with other people. For example, a few of my friends are in a class where they study global warming, and the stuff that they learn makes it … Continued

Turing the Page

“The ‘computable’ numbers may be described briefly as the real numbers whose expressions as a decimal are calculable by finite means.” “Trees will play an important role throughout this work, so we shall commence with some pertinent definitions:” These excerpts … Continued

the magical qualities of mac and cheese (or kraft dinner, as you canadians like to call it)

I used to think that mac and cheese would never regain its nostalgic glory; that my idealized memories of perfect childhood dinners would always make the present version pale in comparison. That was before I came to Quest and discovered … Continued

Homework -Quest Style

Classes at Quest are weird. And that is an understatement. My first class of second year at Quest is like all others; a little strange. It’s also amazing and mind-blowing, and perspective changing. In fact it’s called Identity & Perspective … Continued