Spending the Weekend in Vancouver

Being part of the Admissions team as a summer employee has been an amazing experience so far. I have gotten to know the Admissions Counsellors better and I have met many prospective students. In addition, I have had more time … Continued

the magical qualities of mac and cheese (or kraft dinner, as you canadians like to call it)

I used to think that mac and cheese would never regain its nostalgic glory; that my idealized memories of perfect childhood dinners would always make the present version pale in comparison. That was before I came to Quest and discovered … Continued

Dolphins and Orcas Visit Squamish

Yesterday in Squamish, the Howe Sound was gifted by the presence of dolphins and orca whales. Twelve to fifteen orca trapped hundreds of dolphins in the Sound, which were feeding on herring fish. More pictures from this spectacular event can … Continued