3-D Printing: A Calculus Manifestion

Calculus 2 was the last class I expected to have a field trip for. I wasn’t surprised with our daily field studies in Squamish’s surroundings during Biodiversity of British Columbia, but calc 2 seemed like something that would only take … Continued

Going Global

I was recently given the opportunity to represent Quest University in a Global Issues Network (GIN) conference. By the end of January, I was sitting in a conference room in Abu Dhabi with about 50 other conference delegates from around … Continued


Second year student and mentor, Eva Schipper, designed the current 2014 mentor profiles. I made a short 1-minute video of her answers to various questions that you may have. Have more questions? You will hear from your mentor in early … Continued

Experiential learning: Permaculture education in Africa

Third year student Julian Grant designed his own experiential block, got it approved and set off to Africa roughly 3 months ago. He returned a few weeks ago and I had a chance to sit and talk with him about … Continued