Gingerbread House Making Event

Last Friday, Admissions hosted an Ambassador appreciation event, where many ambassadors gathered into groups and built various Gingerbread houses. We had cookies and hot chocolate (with marshmallows), listened to Christmas music, and shared many stories from childhood. I remember the … Continued

Early Action Deadline – Working with Future Questies

We are two days away from the Early Action Deadline (December 1st), our first Admissions deadline which gives students the opportunity to find out if they are admitted to Quest by January 1st. I have seven interviews scheduled for tomorrow, … Continued

Working: On-campus vs. Off-campus

Many people have asked me about having a job (or two) at Quest. They are often worried about time management but also realize that making some extra money is important when you have to pay university fees. Below, I’ve broken down both … Continued

Terra Canto

In one of the courses I recently took at Quest, The Divine Comedy, we had an assignment to write a poem in the style of the Dante Alighieri, the author of the Divine Comedy. Domenico di Michelino (1417-1491), Dante and his … Continued

The First Ambassador Event of the Year

A couple of weeks ago, the Admissions team organized the first Ambassador event of the year. This event included mini-golfing, eating tasty snacks, and getting to know the Admissions team and Ambassadors even better. We met in the Admissions lounge, … Continued

September 2014 Newsletter

Our September 2014 newsletter is now live on our website. To read all of the latest Quest news be sure to check it out at the link below.

On the Road – At Last!

For those of you who are from British Columbia, you might have been aware of the labour dispute between BC teachers and the provincial government during the past few months. The dispute meant that school ended early for students this … Continued