The Stages of Coming to Quest

This September, we welcomed almost two hundred incoming students from around the world. Their excitement and nervousness was palpable at Convocation and it reminded me of my first year at Quest. Before arriving at school I remember hearing about the … Continued

Poetry at Quest

When you come to Quest you’ll notice that there’s poetry all around you.   in the ATRIUM The staircase in the atrium has words stamped out of the metal sheets making up the sides of it. If you look closely … Continued

Roomie for Life – the First 3 Years

Maybe you know of Sabina Hamilton. Maybe you don’t (if you don’t you should find her profile on this blog and recognize why I would write a post about her). Last weekend, a group of friends and I spent time … Continued

Working: On-campus vs. Off-campus

Many people have asked me about having a job (or two) at Quest. They are often worried about time management but also realize that making some extra money is important when you have to pay university fees. Below, I’ve broken down both … Continued

Squamish: the Land, the People, the Love

This September, I had the privilege of taking a class called “Squamish Nation Culture and Lifeways” with Leigh Joseph. Here are three things that stuck out to me (the lessons which continue to affect me even after finishing the class). … Continued

5 Things to Do as a Broke Student

I’m broke. I think most university students, at least in North America, can relate to this. Not wanting to take any more money from my (also broke) parents and feeling kind of liberated by my lack of monetary possession, I’ve … Continued

Quest Snapshots

My roommates and I decided to buy a bunch of disposable cameras and take pictures of all the happy things we do. We stick the whole collection to our living room wall so that we’re reminded of the beautiful moments … Continued