Name: Trevor Mannion

Position: Interim Associate Director of Admissions

About: Trevor Mannion discovered Quest in 2007 and fell in love with the idea of designing his own education. When the time came to make decisions about Universities in the fall of 2010, it was a no-brainer for him. Trevor graduated from Quest in April of 2014, and joined the Admissions team not long after.


Name: Renae Roles

Position: Senior Admissions Counsellor

About: As a new addition to Quest’s Admissions team, Renae is excited to become an active member of our diverse community.  Renae received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of British Columbia and is currently completing her Master of Education in Higher Education. Through her academic work, Renae became passionate about leadership development and community-based experiential learning initiatives for undergraduate students. She was drawn to Quest for its unique pedagogical approach and dedication to holistic student development.


Name: Aimee Mahnger

Position: Admissions Events Coordinator / Admissions Systems Coordinator

About: Having been born and raised in Squamish, Aimee is thrilled to be part of the Quest community. While she loves reading a good book and getting together with family and friends, time outside of work is typically spent hiking the trails with her dog, Bodhi.

Name: Nick Rogers

Position: Admissions Counsellor

About: Nick Rogers joined the Quest community as a student in 2010. He was originally drawn to us by our engaging family of students, staff, and faculty.  Through our program Nick developed a passion for both mathematics and psychology, which lead to the creation of his question “How does math lead to understanding, and how does understanding lead to math?” This question guided Nick into learning about the theoretical and practical ways in which brains (animal and human) process information, and what this means for how we do and think about math. He continues to explore these questions and ideas with the help of faculty and current students.


Name: Eric De Paoli

Position: Admissions Counsellor

Eric De Paoli first joined the Quest community as a student in 2011. The small community size, beautiful campus, and self-designed educational model appealed greatly to Eric.

Upon entering the school and inspired by the outdoors around Squamish, Eric developed an interest in merging the environmental sciences with the humanities. Focusing on topics in environmental sciences and ethics, natural resource studies, and journalism, Eric’s studies investigated the ways in which we come to perceive, understand, and interact with the environment around us. He continues to consider his own relationship to the natural world while living and recreating in the outdoor recreation capital of Canada.

In addition to his studies, Eric was highly involved in student life activities – serving as a Floor Representative, Adventure Club Leader, helping to manage the on-campus climbing gym, and serving on the Residence Council. He believes strongly in the ability of student life in fostering a tight-knit community that is so unique to our campus.


Name: Forrest Rynearson

Position: Admissions Counsellor

Forrest first visited Quest in 2009, and immediately fell in love with the academics, community, and lifestyle opportunities that the University was offering its students. In 2011, he joined us at Quest and never looked back. While a student, Forrest explored the question “How do we make decisions?” When away from work and university life, you can find Forrest skiing and rock climbing in the beautiful mountains surrounding Quest.


Name: Barbara Batista Fernandes

Position: Admissions Counsellor

Barbara Fernandes is a recent graduate of Quest University Canada who joined the University in 2013 due to its small, close community and active student body. Coming from a small private high school in Brazil, Quest seemed like the ideal school to have the freedom to pursue her educational passions while being an active member of the community.

Barbara focused her studies on Pedagogy, Culture Studies, Social-Emotional Learning, and Decolonization, while attempting to answer her Question “What is the future for education?” Her final project focused on the skillsets students will need to succeed in the future and a combination of frameworks on how to achieve them.


Name: Colin Wilt

Position: Admissions Recruiter

Colin Wilt came to Quest in 2013 after searching for small liberal arts universities across the Pacific North West. Quest was appealing due to its small class sizes and the creative way education is approached. Colin graduated from Quest in May of 2017 and joined the Admissions team soon after.

As a student at Quest, Colin focused on Conflict Studies and Peace Management, looking at how psychology, statistics, and political structures can influence and inform how we go about resolving violent conflict. His question was “How can we Predict and Prevent Conflict in the 21st Century?” which turned into projects revolving around theoretical improvements for current international tools in peacekeeping.


Name: Glydia Buchanan

Position: Admissions Data & Support

Glydia has been in Squamish since she was 7 years old. Glydia has enjoyed watching all the positive growth and changes that have been made in Squamish over the years, making Squamish an increasingly diverse community. Glydia and her Partner Randy have been hosting International Students from several different countries at the High School level since 2005. Glydia brings to Quest University over 5 years experience working as a clerk at the University of British Columbia in both the Admissions and Education Departments, over 15 years experience in an Administrative role, and most recently, working in the Student Affairs Department here at Quest University.

When not at work Glydia enjoys sewing, crocheting, knitting, baking and fishing the local rivers with her partner and spending time with her three adult children.


Name: Keely Freeman

Position: Head of Enrollment