Eating in Squamish

By Minouka – 1st year student

Quest is incredibly lucky to have a cafeteria on campus that provides its students with fresh and locally sourced foods. Dana Hospitality offers students a range of healthy breakfast options, lunch and dinner specials along with many snacks to grab in between classes. We also have the opportunity to buy some comfort food in the midst of all the school stress and two lovely ladies at our cafe from whom we can grab our coffee, pastries and hot cocas (see earlier block post about how to survive at Quest). Additionally, all students have access to kitchens in the residences to cook their own meals or have a potluck with their friends on a Sunday morning. But, let’s be honest, who doesn’t crave sushi, pizza or some delicious brunch sometimes? Our lovely little town Squamish has lots to offer. So, here is a list of some of our favorite places to eat:


The Zephyr
The Zephyr, which means a soft gentle wind from the west, is a cafe downtown. They make all of their food themselves and are famous for their wraps, salads and burgers. It is also a good place to go to when you have any allergies because lots of things are made gluten or dairy free. My personal favorite is their Zephyr cookie, which is a very big cookie with chocolate, oats, nuts and yummy dough.

Brunch at Zephyr’s

Woke up late on a Sunday morning? Want to relax on the sundeck near the Cheakamus river? Or hike before lunch? Then Fergie’s is a must. But it is also a place you should go to when you have plenty of time on your hands, because the line is often very long but oh so worth the wait. You have never had a homemade buttermilk biscuit with poached eggs and avocado like the one at Fergie’s. Besides everything is flavored super nicely and your belly will feel extremely happy afterwards.

Just a solid breakfast place

The Crabapple Cafe
You want an evening of student performances and truffle french fries? Or just go for some healthy food or breakfast? Crabapple is also known for its eggs benedict, they apparently are to die for!

Sushi Sen
Just hearing this, I am already hungry. Sushi Sen has been the best place to go for sushi in Squamish. You can order a million things, including amazing rolls with mango, salmon, avocado, chicken karaage, tuna belly or go for some nice edamame or gomee as an appetizer.

Locavore Food Truck
This is definitely the place where all the bikers, hikers and drivers stop for an early lunch or diner. From salads to buns, potatoes to wraps, the Locavore truck has almost anything you crave when you are hungry for lunch. And their quality is very good too!

Sea to Sky Gondola (not because of the food but because of the view)

The view from the Sea-to-Sky Gondola

When you move to Squamish, one thing you have to do is either hike (only when sunny and you are super motivated) the Sea to Sky gondola or take the gondola to the top. I just did it a couple of weeks ago for the first time and it is actually breathtaking. Once you are on top you can go for hour long hikes, go snowshoeing, skiing and what not. Afterwards, you can have some food at their restaurant while enjoying some more of the view.

Howe Sound Brewery
The name already says it all. Beer and Ales with lots of different flavours. Howe Sound crafts has been brewing their own beers since 1996 and has been awarded a prize for  the best brew pub in BC! Something else that is amazing is their poutine (a traditional Canadian dish you have to try!)

Joe Pesto’s Wood Fired Pizzeria!

Pizza. Many different toppings, sizes and the best part is that they are wood fired! The other day my roommates and I went there and we got 2 large pizzas to share. One Mediterranean pizza and one margarita. What more is there to say!

Roommate pizza dinner night


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