Dancing Across Campus

By Natalie – 1st year student

Dancing, an activity that many people enjoy, is something that I am grateful for on our campus. I came to Quest with some knowledge about dancing, but I didn’t feel that I was a good dancer or very experienced; so I went to the first dance class that was held, which was during orientation weekend. It was Latin dancing, something I’m not familiar with at all but wanted to try. When I got there I was welcomed with enthusiasm and open arms. They taught me how to dance Bachata and Salsa as well as some turns and tricks to make the dance a bit more fun. This also encouraged me to try to go to other dance classes/events held on campus.

The dance studio!

Throughout my first few blocks I went to the dance studio on campus and primarily went to the Blues Fusion classes that happened weekly. I soon became friends with the students who frequented these events as we learned various dance moves together and helped each other become better dancers. A big part of these dance classes is that you don’t always have to learn something, it can simply be a great outlet to dance with someone and have fun. My favorite part, aside from the dancing, is the incredible community of students that make up the dance scene at Quest.

Spin around a little and smile

This semester has also opened the doors to Swing Dancing, something that I heard has been a part of dancing on campus in the past. When we went students were primarily dancing Lindy Hop, and I personally find it to be the most energetic of the various swing dances, including East Coast and West Coast swing. Just like in the other dance classes/socials at Quest, the students were incredibly inviting and just want to share the joys of dancing. Something that was a little different about Swing Dancing, compared to Blues Fusion or Latin at Quest, was the lesson at the start. It was formal and covered the basics if people needed to go over them and various moves so people can advance their dancing skills. I’ve learned a variety of things from new turns and tricks to moves that I’ve been lead but never learned the proper footwork for.

Swing dancing

Another great part about this outlet is that sometimes students will host Dance Parties at their dorm, usually it’s students in Riverside but can also happen in the dance studio or in other dorms. These parties are mostly a variety of good songs, an open floor, water, and a lot of dancing. They don’t happen very often but when they do they’re a ton of fun! It’s allowed me to experience some dances that I either don’t have time to go to during the week or wouldn’t encounter on campus usually. They’ve also allowed me to meet new students on campus and teach people who are trying a dance for the first time.

Exchange students learning some steps with us

I have yet to go to every dance event or class held on campus but I hope to be able to go to all of them. One of the key things that I’ve learned while dancing across (no matter the style), is that everyone is a better dancer than they think they are. If you don’t believe me then at least know that all talented people had to start somewhere and you’re just taking the first steps in a dance.

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