Quest: A Place to Learn More than Academics

By Josie – 3rd year student

In high school, I had one thing that I did: I played violin. When I arrived at Quest, that changed. I no longer had weekly lessons and rehearsals, and I was no longer playing regularly with a group. It was hard for me to motivate myself to play violin without the promise of new music, performances, and a teacher regularly pushing me. I let violin slide, and focused instead on my Quest courses and academics. For the first time in 14 years, I didn’t have a ‘thing’ that defined me. I no longer felt like violin was my primary identity. This realization brought with it some apprehension: who was I if I wasn’t a violinist?

But not dedicating an hour or two every day brought a flip side; an opportunity to try the things that Quest and Squamish had to offer. In this endeavour I was also nervous: being a beginner was scary. But I needn’t have worried. One thing Quest has an abundance of is students who have a wide variety of skills and who are very willing to share them.

The first thing I tried was rock climbing. I started in the Kermode cave, the on campus bouldering gym that was created by a Quest student who liked to climb. It is run by other Quest students, and comes equipped with shoes of all sizes and super supportive staff who are encouraging and ready to help you learn. After I got comfortable in the cave, I found some other students who were willing to take me outside and show me the ropes (ha ha) of outdoor climbing.

Bouldering at the Grand Wall Boulders under the Stawamus Chief

My first year at Quest I was able to try more than just rock climbing. I learned to salsa dance, I went skiing, surfing, and hiking, I contributed to the student magazine and the student newspaper, I joined the rugby team, and I was able to take on a leadership role coordinating Cabaret, a production of original student performance and art.

Zuber Singh performing at Cabaret, 2016

It would not have been possible for me to try so many new extracurriculars without the supportive students of Quest. When I first arrived at Quest, and even now, everywhere there are students who are excited to share their passions with me, and who are eager to teach me new things.

Women’s Quest Rugby Team

I may no longer be performing regularly in fiddling gigs, but I have tried so many new activities at Quest that I would not have had the opportunity or teachers to try elsewhere.

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