What’s a Floor Rep?

By Josie – 3rd year student

Floor reps will often be the first people you meet on campus. They’ll help you move your stuff in, get your room setup, and are excited to chat and get to know you over tea! The easiest way to describe a floor rep is to say that they’re Quest’s equivalent to RAs… but that’s not really what Floor Reps are. Their main purpose is not to discipline, but to help build community on campus and to support students.

Board game night!

Floor reps are elected by the student body, with one living on each floor of each residence building. Similar to security, there will always be a floor rep carrying a 24/7 on-call phone to assist with emotional support, navigating conflict, or deal with a noise complaint. Along with the phone, the on-call floor rep comes prepared with a fanny pack full of helpful goodies. All floor reps are trained in a variety of areas including administering Naloxone, responding to sexual assault and mental health crises, and conflict mediation.

Floor reps try to help floors gel as a community. In order to achieve this end, they are required to create monthly programming. This can be in the form of a potluck dinner, a games night, an impromptu dance party in the community kitchen, or just going door to door with muffins!  

Waffle breakfasts – a specialty of mine, hosted for the floor.

One of my favourite parts of being a floor rep is meeting interesting people who I would not necessarily have gotten to know otherwise.

Being a floor rep gave me an easy introduction to first years who I may never have had classes or extracurriculars with. It has taught me that everyone has an interesting story, and everyone has something to teach me. On my floor alone I’ve met a student whose family makes their own wine, one who spent three months hiking solo through Norway, one who knows how to do hula hoop tricks that would put cirque de soleil to shame, one who has lived in almost a dozen different countries, one whose passion is improv theatre and another who plays the saxophone, quite a few rock climbers, mountain bikers, and skiiers. These are just a few of the incredible people that live on my floor, but each individual has their own amazing story, and each of individual is part of a room that has been creating their own stories together over the course of this year. Through being a floor rep I get to know each of these individuals on a personal basis, even if I only see them when they come to borrow muffin pans.

Splatter paint party

Floor reps are much more than the closest place to grab condoms from; they’re students just waiting for you to arrive on campus so they can get to know you, and they will continue to be a friend and a supporter not just when you live on their floor, but for the entirety of your time at Quest.

Pumpkin carving with South 2nd

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