Study Spots

By Leah – 4th year student

Study Spots on and off Campus

We all know that it takes the perfect study spot to be productive and get efficient work done. Some of us can work in our bedroom, some in the library, and some on the treadmill in the gym. For every individual it’s different, but there are lots of different places to work for different reasons. I’m going to share a few of my favourite study spots on and off campus as well as good places to do group work for class.

On our campus there is plenty of quiet places to get work done like the library, breakout rooms (when class is not in session), 3rd floor of the atrium and even the cafeteria. These are known spots on campus to do work. Here are some hidden spots on campus to do homework or group work.

The computer lab is a great place to do homework if you are looking for a computer to use, are having personal computer troubles, need to use excel, or just need a quiet place. Often there are few people in the computer lab and it is always quiet.


The third floor corner breakout room facing the cafeteria is our most prized breakout room. It can be a little distracting because of the amazing view, but if you can focus on your work without getting distracted by the view it is a great spot to do some group work. You can write on the windows (with dry erase markers) if you need more space than the white board provides. Remember though, this break out room can only be used by students outside of class time, during class time all breakout rooms are reserved for class activities.

If you are the type of student who get distracted easily, from people walking down the middle path of the academic building or watching the view, try break out room number 236. It is the furthest break out room from the pathway covered by trees to prevent you from looking out and others from looking in to distract and say hello. This breakout room does not have a beautiful view to get look at for hours either.


On a sunny day, the cafeteria balcony is a perfect place to get some homework done. During class hours there are not many people who use the cafeteria balcony and you can be outside with Wi-Fi, plus there is plug ins for when your computer starts to die. If it is a sunny day, be careful of getting sunburnt, the tables are very reflective and even in the middle of winter the glare can give some of us a nasty burn.


Don’t feel like walking all the way up to the top by the quad? Try studying in one of the breakout rooms in Red Tusk or Ossa. They are equipped with a whiteboard, tables, desks, sometimes coaches, and usually dry erase markers. If you live in the peaks, it’s a convenient spot to study without even having to put shoes on.

If it is not rainy, and you don’t feel like walking up top to the quad, try the North and South balconies. They have a beautiful view, Wi-Fi, plug ins (if you are close enough to the door), and great sun any time after 12pm. The picnic tables allow for great discussions and group work setting, or looking at the view.


If you have the ability or need to get off campus, there are lots of places in Squamish and surrounding area to get some homework done. Although our campus is great for getting some work done, sometimes you just need a change of scenery and to get off the hill.

Do you like coffee and doing homework during the day? The Ledge is a coffee shop in downtown Squamish that has a relaxing environment to work in. They have table and couches upstairs with a view of the mountains, and tables down stairs at the back with a more secluded area. There are also bar stools right by the front window that can double as standing desks.


Is the Quest library too quiet? Too distracting? Too intimidating? Other libraries that have a completely different vibe are the Squamish Library and the Whistler Library. The Squamish library is located downtown by the community garden has many plugins and great Wi-Fi. You can see other people there on the internet, reading books or doing other work, but the environment is not stressful. The Whistler library is located at the north side of the village.

Squamish Library


Whistler Library


Zephyr Café has recently expanded their space and has many more tables and much more seating area. It is a great place to have lunch, get coffee, do homework, play cards, people watch, eat treats, and listen to music. This café is not the quietest spot, but if you need background noise to keep you on track with homework, this is the place to go.

On sunny days in the spring or fall for people who like the outdoors and either have a fully charged computer or hard copy readings Alice Lake is a great spot to sit outside and read. There are picnic tables or the nice grass to take a seat and read away.

The big beautiful building with the waterfall out front of it, on the East side of highway 99 is the Adventure Center. Here is a great place to take some homework as it is quiet and has a great view of the Chief. There is Wi-Fi and plug ins to charge your computer as well as a café in case you get hungry or thirsty.


All of these places on and off campus are great to study and to switch up the view. Although here on campus we all have our favourite study spots, sometimes changing it up can help our mind focus more on the task at hand. Enjoy studying and doing homework.


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