The Writers Club

By Yin Xzi – 1st year student

The Writers Club. Born out of a desire to have a space – and time – on campus dedicated solely to writing students now gather every Thursday to sip some tea and write. The club is amongst the long list of activities on campus that began as a student initiative, but that’s not all that it is. It’s a place in which writers of all levels of interest and skill are able to come together and learn from and build upon each other.

My first ever Writer’s Club experience occurred on Thursday, October 12th – Niall (a fellow member) invited me to the meeting on the hill by the caf with the promise of “really cool people, words, and tea.” Absolutely nothing else was needed to convince me. I soon found myself settled into a chair with a warm up of apple cider tea and borrowed pieces of paper and a pen within my hands. As we went around the circle introducing our names as well as the “ideal novel that you would love to read right now”, I realized that I had found another smaller home within the Quest community.

The tradition within Writers is for each meeting to begin with the making of tea, and a sharing of anything notable that had occurred since we had last met, before the prompt is read aloud. The first prompt I received within Writers Club came from a stream-of-consciousness novel that talked endlessly about rain, colors and frogs.

Or, at least, that was all that I pulled from it as we free-wrote based on the prompt for the next fifteen minutes:

After we wrote there was a satisfied silence; in the moment all we had done was let words pour out of ourselves, without censorship or edits. We went around the circle, celebrating sentences with a series of finger snaps if someone chose to read aloud what they had just written.

In the weeks since then I’ve returned for prompts about needing to listen to your own words, bus rides, and, most recently, a prompt about phone calls.

Isaac, a member of Writers Club says: Writer’s has given me the weekly guarantee of a calm environment, an island of warm tea and kind people amidst the busy sea of university life. It’s a place I can be creative and expressive, and know I’ll be met with open-minded appreciation.

Together Isaac and I embarked on a challenge to write a poem for every single day of October – one that we completed with a quiet contentment as each day resulted in a little written something.

The Writers Club – come for the tea, stay for the people and the stories.

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  1. Jon '14

    This warms my heart. From 2012-2014 there was a Sunday afternoon poetry writing circle that gathered in a similar way. We didn’t have tea, though. Do you publish the work? Is WERD still a thing?

    • Yin Xzi Ho

      Sunday afternoons would be a nice time to have writing circles, I imagine. We don’t necessarily publish the work, but we do keep everything. That being said though, WERD is actually being revived this year by myself and a core team, and members of Writer’s Club have definitely submitted things!

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