Interview with a Quest Student: Lilian

By Minouka – 1st year student

It was once a grey, rainy, yet cozy afternoon at Quest University Canada on which I had the pleasure of interviewing one of our wonderful Quest students, Lilian from Washington. She was sitting at a desk on the first floor of the Atrium, chatting with some friends while doing homework, when I came up to her wondering if she would like to do an interview with me. Lilian, also known as Lilly is incredible at drawing. She is well known in our community for this talent, as she has been drawing art pieces for Cornerstone, a class that all first year students take, decorating the Lumen room and even creating the cover of our school magazine, ‘the Mark’.

Lilly, why did you decide to come to Quest?

“I was originally going to an Arts school but I also decided to apply to Quest. And once I got accepted, I realized I wanted to expand my horizons, not moving away from the Arts but also exploring more than just that. Quest, I believed was the right fit for that.”

What are your personal and/or academic interests?

“Environmentalism, the Arts (Art and Music). I was raised to cherish to the earth and the arts and that is what I really enjoy.”

What do you like doing in the outdoors?

“Climbing, skiing, backpacking and riding horses. I am actually planning on taking care of a horse in the near future again.”

What is your favourite part about Quest/ living here?

“I love the like mindedness of people, who enjoy all sorts of activities inside and outside the classroom. I feel like I have made friendships that will last me a lifetime and made connections with people from all over the world.”

If there was one piece of advice you could give to a future Quest student, what would it be?

“Take advantage of all the academic assistant that you think you might need. Everyone is very helpful here and wants to make sure you feel comfortable.”

Where do you see yourself in the future?

“I want to travel the world, which is cliché but true. I would like to be completely self efficient, to be able to grow all of my own food and not contribute to the consumer society.”


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