Adventure Pursuits with President George

By Vasi – 1st Year Student

It was the morning of Wednesday, October 20th; My three roommates and I were sitting at the table in our quad in the South Village drinking our morning tea. Elle and Elina could not wait for the evening to ask Dafny and me about our experiences with the Adventure Pursuits- aka the “Big 1st Year secret”. Adventure Pursuits is a set of activities all people who are new to Quest go through in their first or second month of being at Quest. The nature of those activities is kept a big secret until all the freshmen get a chance to participate. Most of the Cornerstone classes have their Adventure Pursuits in the middle or end of September, but the Cornerstone class that Dafny and I were a part of was one of the last ones to have it. Elle and Elina have both had their Adventure Pursuits a week prior, and they were very excited for us. After we finished our tea, it was time to go. Hesitant but excited about what today would bring, Dafny and I said goodbye to Elle and Elina and went to the library parking lot. There, we saw most of our class already waiting. Among them we spotted our enthusiastic tutor (professor) Ahalya, jumping around, encouraging everyone to stay open minded, and pointing out how beautiful the weather was. We have already loaded on the bus when another person joined us. President George Iwama (read more about George here)!

He smiled, said “hello”, and sat down in front of me. Dafny and I looked at each other surprised. On the road, George (which was how he introduced himself) and I started talking. I found out that he was in the same boat as us and had no idea what the Adventure Pursuits would bring, “But I am very excited to find out!”.

And we did. Together, my class, Ahalya, George and I participated in the activities the nature of which I am forbidden from revealing to you. All I can say is that it was a lot of fun, and that I got to know my classmates, my tutor and my President very well.

Now, having gone through it, I get the excitement Elle and Elina had for Dafny and me. That evening my roommates and I gathered once more at the table. We drank tea and shared stories of our Adventure Pursuits which could now be unveiled.

Left to right: Dafny, Elina, Elle, and myself 🙂

Our Cornerstone class + George

President George (in the middle) swimming with the students after the Adventure Pursuits

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