What does Quest’s Students’ Representative Council even do?

By Emily – 3rd Year Student

Caption: The 2017-2018 Student Representative Council

Student governments are a part of almost every high school and university. You could be a member of your own student government or maybe you aren’t very familiar with them. Regardless, in my personal experience at Quest, I’ve come to appreciate the unique role of our student government– the Students’ Representative Council (SRC). The SRC is commonly known as the main funding body on campus and many clubs on campus work with our SRC to fund budgets and events that take place all year long on campus.

Caption: The 2017-2018 SRC Vice President (left) and President (right) setting up Green and Silver– one of the SRC’s “Welcome [back] to Quest” celebration.

As a member of Quest’s 2017-2018 SRC, I have to say that there is a lot more to the SRC and it is worth getting involved. Our amazing and hard working President, Vice-President and Minister of Finance have regular monthly meetings with Quest’s President, Dr. George Iwama, to discuss current affairs and advocate for the student body. In fact, every ministerial position is primarily responsible for continuously advocating for students. In addition to the three executive positions, there are nine ministerial positions: Arts & Culture, Environment, Health & Wellness, Recreation, Internationalization, Human Rights, External Affairs, Concentration, and Foundation. Each position is responsible for a wide range of student clubs, events or faculty liaising.

Caption: This year’s SRC enjoying a meal at Squamish’s own Howe Sound Brewpub with the chair of Quest’s board.

Each member of the SRC uses their position to kickstart campus initiatives. One example is that our Minister of Arts & Culture continuously works with the Quest Arts Council and recently brought back our Music Bay! If you visit campus ask one of our Ambassadors about this awesome space. Another great and continuous initiative is taken on by our Minister of Recreation. She single-handedly organizes and facilitates all intramurals on campus. In addition to these initiatives, SRC members first and foremost take on a supporting role to students pursuing their own initiatives. Our Minister of Environment, for example, sits on the Environmental Council to continuously offer support through their role. To promote students’ voices, our Foundation and Concentration Representatives, for example, attend monthly meetings with the Chief Academic Officer and the Curriculum Committee to foster continuous communication between faculty and students.


Caption: Some of this year’s SRC ministers helping our incoming class move in.

In order to foster this continuous representation and support, the SRC hosts regular Policy Meetings twice a block. All students are welcome and encouraged to attend these meetings as well as bring their own questions/concerns to add to the agenda. During these meetings, we discuss current and pressing events on campus as well as larger initiatives we have set to achieve as a council. The SRC also hosts Funding Meetings twice a block that are open to the public. This is the platform where students bring proposals to the SRC to fund their club, initiative or event on campus. The council votes together on each proposal and, in the spirit of democracy, each vote cast is public record. In deciding whether to fund a proposal, SRC members always try to consider the effect this would have on students and that is why we truly value when members of the community participate in these funding meetings.

Caption: The minister of finance (colloquially dubbed ‘budget boy’) setting the agenda for an SRC budget meeting.

If you get a chance to visit campus, you will get to see the many exciting student initiatives supported and/or funded by the SRC. Some examples are the recording studio, the new cob house in the communal garden, the Kermode cave (bouldering gym), the beautiful water fixture outside the academic building and much more.

Check out our website and Instagram to learn more about Quest’s SRC!

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