A Peek Into the Quest Arts Bay

By Yin Xzi – 1st Year student


Quest’s Arts Bay, a poem


Location? Quest’s Arts Bay,

Red Tusk, 4th floor,

right next to the second staircase.

Brushes rest against each other

in paint splattered jars,

and color pencils sit softly in drawers,

waiting for the moment a student wanders in

during open hours to make art.

Lines of purple pastel bloom across

large pieces of paper, vibrant, fragile, beautiful –

to make art is to live,

by living you become a piece of art.

Picture this, art beyond boundaries,

art inspired by never-ending mountains

capped with snow and ever changing foliage.

Three content people watching

the sun set behind the Tantalus Ridge,

gold-outlined silhouettes

and the darkened face of a mountain.

Though we be but small,

we’re mighty – silver threaded cotton clouds,

a smattering of butterflies –

art does nothing but live and thrive here at Quest.

We’re placing rocks and dirt

into rounded glass walls – a home

for a plant

or two

or three.

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