A Typical Monday At Quest

By Minouka – 1st Year Student

Hi, my name is Minouka and I came to Quest all the way from the Netherlands. I came to Quest because I wanted to keep studying within a small and international environment. Besides that, I was drawn to the block plan and the mind set of bringing change to the world. Some of my academic interests include psychology, human rights and writing. Outside of class, I like to go on hikes with my friends, go to the women fitness circuits in the gym and go for good food and coffee in Squamish.
This year I am living in North Village and share my living space with 3 other lovely human beings. I was very sceptical about the situation at first but I am happy to say that my roommates have become my second family and I love living with them.

Here is a typical Monday for me at Quest:

7:30 – 8 AM: Alarm goes off. Since I am not a morning person, I snooze it at least once and try to open the window behind my bed to get some fresh morning air into the room. I make some tea, get dressed and talk to my roommates.

8:30 AM: Go for breakfast in the cafeteria. Options range from fruit and yoghurt, breakfast burrito, omelette and lots more. I love breakfast, it makes my bad morning mood go away.

9 AM – 12AM: Ready for class. I am currently in a class called Rhetoric, which focusses on the art of effective writing and speaking. During our class, we either work in break out rooms (a room we go into as a smaller group to discuss readings and focused discussion prompts) or we have discussions/presentations in the classroom with our professor.

1 PM: Lunch time, either in my room with some soup and toast I made myself or a salad and a bagel from the cafeteria. If it is sunny, my friends and I sit outside in the grass and enjoy the view and talk about our lives.

2 – 4 PM: This time of the day changes, sometimes I do homework for class (reading, essay writing), go on a walk if it is not raining, socialize, have coffee, go to town or I have to work for my Work-Study job (on campus job), which at the moment is being a Student Ambassador for the Admissions Office (and writing blogs like this one).

4 – 6 PM: I do co-curricular activities during this time. Examples include: Women’s Circuit Gym; go to the arts-bay to do some art, play soccer, sit in the forest and breath, go rock climbing or skiing (not yet, but soon).

6 – 7 PM: Dinner time (see my focus on food here, because I love it) I usually eat the ‘special’ in the cafeteria, which could be thai curry with rice, mashed potatoes and veggies or pasta with sauce and salad.

7 – 11 PM: Homework, procrastinate, eat chocolate and brownies, drink tea, watch movies, dance when your roommates play loud music, journal, decorate room, procrastinate more and eventually go to sleep.


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