Sweetening the day

You know we are approaching the end of the block when the library becomes packed. You can hear the sounds of furious typing, endless sighing, and some head banging. Students are finishing up final assignments, finalizing block break plans, and juggling co-curricular activities. Needless to say, it’s a busy time. But just when you feel like you can’t possibly keep going and just want to nap, a little act of kindness changes your mood.

During the final 3 days of the block, the library puts out a candy dispenser for the students. This is a small act, but it really does make the day sweeter. The choices alternate between jelly beans, skittles, and M&Ms, but anything is welcome. Not only is this a good excuse to get out of your seat, but also an opportunity to chat with the friendly librarians and students working at the check-out desk.

So although the end of the block brings some dread, the knowledge that candy is coming is uplifting and truly sweetens the day.

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