Snowy Days at Whistler

When I give tours, people often ask me whether or not I ski, and the question makes a lot of sense considering how close Squamish is to Whistler. Funnily enough, though, I always say no. While I did learn to ski when I was growing up, I stopped skiing almost 10 years ago. And even though this is my fourth and final year at Quest, I just hadn’t gotten around to buying a pass any other year. So, after three winters in Squamish, I finally decided to go skiing at Whistler! 

Courtesy of Whistler Blackcomb.

Step 1: Get a ski pass

Luckily, Quest students get a great deal on ski passes at Whistler. Quest students can buy a pass at the student rate, which is about a third of the cost of a regular adult season pass. With the student pass, we get unlimited days on the mountain throughout the whole ski season. With the student pass, we also get discounts at restaurants and shops in Whistler Village.

Step 2: Get ski gear

This part of the process worried me a lot, as ski gear can be quite pricy. But again, I got pretty lucky in this regard. A friend had a pair of boots and skis in my size that they were no longer using. And another friend had extra goggles and gloves that I borrowed for the season. So in the end, I only had to buy poles and a helmet, which is not too bad when you’re starting to ski!

Snow around campus after a big storm.

Step 3: Go skiing!

The last time I skied, I was 12, so going into this season I was nervous. I went up right after a big snowstorm—Whistler got about 20 cm and it even snowed several inches in Squamish. After the long gondola ride and a lift ride up, I started down on my first run with my friend/teacher. It was weird to be on skis again, but pretty quickly I started to feel more comfortable. A lot of the things I had learned about skiing when I was little came back and I was doing parallel turns without completely freaking out at the steep parts in no time! My first Whistler skiing experience was definitely a success and I look forward to lots more snowy days this winter!

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