Bringing Entrepreneurial Spirit to Campus

At Quest we have a lot of clubs and events. I often find that it’s difficult to keep track of all the awesome stuff happening on campus! Last Thursday, I invited Barbara Alink—a woman I had worked with over the summer—to come talk at Quest. She is the CEO and Inventor of The Alinker and has an amazing journey she took to get there. A friend and I organized the talk through the Entrepreneurship Club, or the Make Shit Happen club as we like to call it.


One of the great things about Quest is that, because of the size, we often have opportunities to meet very interesting people on a very intimate level. When the event got started there were about fifteen of us sitting in a semi circle. Barb began by telling us about the 10 years she spent doing international aid work in Kenya and Afghanistan and how it led her to becoming a social entrepreneur. After her 45 min talk, everyone stayed to ask questions for over an hour! It was awesome. Everyone was so engaged and curious, and Barb stuck around to answer every question we had. Some Questies even talked to her about experiential learning blocks and getting involved in her company.

Quest may be small, but we still get to interact with awesome people working to change the world!

If you’re curious, here’s the link to her TEDx talk from last year.

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