Sheep Brains and Hands-On Science

I love science. Specifically, I love the science of the human body and brain. In my second year at Quest, when I was picking my question and committing to studying physiology, I was nervous that Quest–being such a small school–would not be able to offer all the scientific opportunities I wanted and needed to pursue my interests. Luckily, though, the faculty here convinced me otherwise–as I have seen in the two years since that time, Quest’s lab facilities provide students with a tremendous number of scientific opportunities. And one of the best things about Quest is that the tutors come up with innovative, exciting laboratory opportunities for students to complete.

img_6288In my time taking concentration science courses at Quest, I have used the lab facilities for a huge range of experiments, from chemical titrations to exercise science studies. And last block I was reminded of just how much I love the sciences at Quest through a lab in my Neuropsychology course. We got to dissect sheep brains.

Now, dissecting sheep brains might sound pretty gross. But after learning about the different structures in the brain from a textbook, seeing them in person was not only img_6289informative but also incredibly cool. The brains that we got to hold and explore held all of that sheep’s memories, its personality, its thoughts. And that is pretty amazing when you think about it. Thinking about the sheep brain in this way had a huge impact on my thoughts about the brain and my appreciation for the rest of my Neuropsychology course.


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