Summer Nostalgia

This summer I went home for the first time in two years. As a fourth year at Quest, it is amazing to be back on campus and to already be done my first block of this academic year. However, often times I find myself dreaming of sunny beaches and home cooked meals I had the opportunity to enjoy this summer. Therefore, I decided to write about some of my favorite moments from this past summer:

  1. Spending time at my camp house


One of my favorite places on Earth is my camp house. After two years away from it I was definitely starting to feel huge withdrawal. So when I finally made it to Brazil after 20 hours of travels that is the first place I wanted to be. The beautiful scenery and incredible biodiversity allowed me to reflect and relax after a really busy year.

  1. Travelling with my parents to somewhere HOT


Since I am on the other side of the world, summer in Canada is actually winter in Brazil! After two years of facing Squamish weather – stunningly beautiful but often cold and rainy – I was ready for some sunshine. Luckily, I am privileged enough to live in a country that extends from almost the top to the bottom of a continent: which means I knew it has nice and hot somewhere in Brazil (probably closer to the equator). Therefore, parents and I decided to find the cheapest hotel, closest to the nicest beach to fulfill my cravings for sunshine. It was a perfect opportunity to connect with my family and also soak in all the sun.

  1. Going to the Olympics


The World Cup happened in Brazil two years ago. Even though I was in the country at the time I did not get the chance to go. However, one shall not make the same mistake twice (I am sure that is a saying in most languages). Thus, I was set to watch at least one Olympic match. The challenge was that I live in Sao Paulo, a 40-minute plane ride from Rio de Janeiro (the state in which the Olympics were held). So, the first thing I looked for are plane tickets…R$700 BUCKS! No way I could spend that much money per person for a 40-minute plane ride. My second option was going by bus, a six-hour trip for only R$90. Yes, we took the bus. The next challenge was finding a place to stay. Since this was a last minute idea, all hotels were fully booked so we decided to book a room using Air B&B. After searching for several locations we found one for a good value and at a desirable location. Next, it was time to buy the tickets. Oh boy…little did we know that most of them would be sold out. After a few hours browsing through the website we were almost giving up, no Brazil games, no games we actually would enjoy, and no games we could afford. However, hope never died. The next morning I accessed the website and more tickets were available (imagine my joy). I quickly purchased a ticket for a beach volleyball game which included 2 Brazil matches, one women’s and one men’s. It was an amazing experience and to watch the game but also to be in an Olympic city. If the Olympics are ever near you I encourage you to come up with a less crazy plan than I did, and go check it out.



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